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Ivaylo <br>Vassilev — Middle East Classical Music Academy

Ivaylo Vassilev was born in 2007 in Sofia. He showed his interest for classical music and piano at a very early age. He studies piano in the National School of Music in Sofia: from 2014 to 2019 his pedagogue was Emilia Kaneva and since 2019 he continues with prof. d-r Borislava Taneva.

He has about 30 prizes from international competitions in Bulgaria, Russia, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Czechia, Greece, Germany, Kazakhstan, France, Finland, UK, most of them are first prizes and Grand-Pix. The most significant of them are: “Liszt-Bartok”, Sofia, 2020 (I prize); “Schumann-Brahms”, Plovdiv, 2020 (Grand-prix); “La Note Celeste”, Paris, 2020 (I prize); “Nutcracker”, Moscow 2018 (Golden Nutcracker - winner); "De Bach au Jazz", Athens, 2018 (Grand Prix); “Anna Artobolevskaya”, Moscow, 2017 (I prize);"Astana Piano Passion 2017" (Diplomant); "Münchner Klavierpodium”, Munich, 2016 (Winner). In 2020 he participated in his first composition competition “Artistes en Herbe", Luxembourg and was awarded with a special prize.

He has participated in several international piano festivals, like Wunderkinder 2018 (Italy), Piano Extravaganza (Sofia), Musical Olympus (St. Petersburg, 2019), Moscow Meets Friends (Moscow, 2019), South Bohemian Festival (Czechia, 2020, as finalist in “Concertino Praga 2020” competition).

Ivaylo has rich piano repertoire for his age – both solo and with orchestra. He has already several times had solo piano recitals in Bulgaria and in Moscow. He has performed already in emblematic halls, such as the Great Hall and Rachmaninoff Hall of Moscow State Conservatory, Tchaikovsky Hall, the House of Music in Moscow, State Academic Symphonic Capella in St. Petersburg, the Great Hall of Ghent’s Opera, Bulgaria Hall in Sofia. His first CD with Mozart and Shostakovich piano concertos was produced and released in 2019 in St. Petersburg, as a special prize for winning the Golden Nutcracker.

As a soloist with orchestra he has performed many times with famous conductors, like Konstantin Ilievsky, Mischa Damev, Alexander Titov, Alexander Chernushenko, Vyacheslav Valeev, Anton Shaburov, Igor Lerman, Sascha Goetzel and others. At the age of 12 he had already played with the two major Bulgarian orchestras – Sofia Philharmonic and Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra – in Bulgaria hall in Sofia.

He loves to play chamber music, accompanies, improvises, arranges various music styles and has many own compositions for piano solo, chamber music, orchestral works.

He has attended many masterclasses since 2016 with world known pianists and pedagogues.

The feedback for Ivaylo’s piano performances by pianists, pedagogues and music critique is flattering.

Dmitry Bashkirov says that “at this age he feels the music and the sound so natural as if he invents the pieces while playing”;

Justas Dvarionas says that “he plays with natural and deep feeling that shows us all colors of the rainbow”;

Vladimir Ovchinnikov sees in him “future great musician”;

Balazs Fülei hears in his playing “sensitivity, poetry, personality, fantasy, concentration. AND: consciousness!”;

Svetlana Slivinskaya (journalist and music reviewer from St. Petersburg) states: “Ivaylo’s appearance in the music world might be called a divine providence, like Glen Gould’s appearance in the past. His performance of Bach’s piano concerto in D-minor was saturated with unheard beauty and deep philosophy, inspiring delight and meditation, unveiling new depths in time and space with the great composer’s music”.

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