International Ensemble Competition for String and Winds instruments

International Ensemble Competition for String and Wind Instruments in Dubai in the framework of MECMA” 01.02.2024 – 16.02.2024 

Competition Objectives 

  • Masterclasses from leading professors
  • Unique international networking and cultural exchange 
  • Participation in competitions with distinguished juries 
  • Exclusive access to the InClassica 2024 International Music Festival
  • Development of ensemble art 


  • The competition is organized and conducted by the organizing committee. 
  • The organizing committee approves the jury composition. 
  • The organizing committee is not responsible for the jury’s decisions and awarding places to participants.
  • The organizing committee has the right to use and distribute (without paying fees to participants) video recordings, print, and other products produced during the competition and its outcomes. 


  1. The jury consists of renowned international figures in culture and the arts. 
  2. Scores are given on a 25-point scale. 
  3. The jury has the right to divide the title of Laureate among several participants. 
  4. The jury’s decision is finalized, documented in a protocol, and is not subject to appeal. 
Madina <br>Bekmadiyeva •


Raushan <br>Beskembirova •


Azamat <br>Imandayev •


Aizhan<br>Kuljanova •


Saniya <br>Ospankulova •



  1. String ensembles 
  2. Wind ensembles 
  3. Mixed ensembles (string-wind) 

Age Groups

  1. Junior group - average ensemble age up to 18 years on 01.02.2024 
  2. Senior group - average ensemble age from 18 to 26 years on 01.02.2024
    The group’s age is determined by the average age of the ensemble
    (sum the age of each participant and divide by the number of ensemble members).

    Example: 1 participant - 17 years old, 2 participants - 16 years old, 3 participants - 20 years old, 4 participants - 18 years old.
    17+16+20+18=71, 71:4=17.75 average ensemble age, corresponds to the junior age group


  • Junior Group 1. One or several compositions or their part(s) up to 20 minutes 
  • Senior Group 1. Two stylistically diverse (belonging to different eras) compositions or their parts up to 30 minutes (one of which must belong to the Classical era)


The jury determines the winners and awards the following prizes:

  • Grand Prix – Trophy, Diploma
  • 1st Prize – Trophy, Diploma
  • 2nd Prize – Diploma
  • 3rd Prize – Diploma 
  • Diploma – for participation


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