International Youth Violin Competition

International Youth Violin Competition in Dubai in the framework of MECMA” February 01, 2024 – February 16, 2024

Competition Goals: 

  • Masterclasses by leading professors. 
  • Unique international networking and cultural exchange.
  • Participation in competitions with distinguished jury members.
  • Exclusive access to the InClassica 2024 International Music Festival.

General Regulations:

  • The competition’s preparation and execution are handled by the organizing committee.
  • The committee approves the jury composition.
  • The organizing committee is not responsible for the jury’s decisions and the allocation of places to participants.
  • The committee reserves the right to use and distribute (without paying fees to participants) video recordings, printed, and other materials produced during the competition and its events.


  1. The jury consists of internationally renowned figures in culture and the arts. 
  2. Scores are assigned based on a 25-point system.
  3. The jury has the authority to share the title of Laureate among multiple participants.
  4. The jury’s decision is approved, documented, final, and not subject to appeal.
Kuralay <br>Akhmetova •


Mukhtar <br>Kaldayakov •


Yana <br>Kasyan •


Raissa<br>Mussakhajayeva •


Anar <br>Zhanbyrbayeva •


Age Groups

I Age group – 8-10 years 
II Age group – 11-15 years 
III Age group – 16-19 years
IV Age group – 20-25 years 

Performance Program

I Age group 5. Two contrasting pieces
II Age group 6. Ancient sonata 1st and 2nd movements 7. Virtuoso piece 
III Age group 8. One caprice / N. Paganini, H. Wieniawski / 9. Virtuoso piece 10. Piece from the participant’s country 
IV Age group 11. One caprice / N. Paganini / 12. Virtuoso piece 13. Piece from the participant’s country Auditions take place in the 1st round. 

All pieces must be performed from memory. 


The jury determines the winners and awards the following prizes:

• Grand Prix – Trophy, diploma 
• 1st Prize – Trophy, diploma 
• 2nd Prize – Diploma 
• 3rd Prize – Diploma 
Diploma – for participation


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