Nikita Boriso-Glebsky and Andrey Usov Thrill Audiences with World Premiere of Alexey Shor Concerto

On Wednesday 7th February, the 2024 Middle East Classical Music Academy presented the second in their lineup of concert series, featuring violinist Nikita Boriso-Glebsky, the winner of 1st Prize at the International Fritz Kreisler Competition in Vienna (2010), International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition in Helsinki (2010), International Competition for Violin in Kloster Schöntal (2003), Moscow International David Oistrakh Violin Competition (2007), 2nd Prize at the International Tchaikovsky Competition (2007), and 5th Prize at the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition in Brussels (2009), in collaboration with violist Andrey Usov, a laureate of the Lionel Tertis International Viola Competition (Great Britain), Shostakovich International String Quartet Competition (2004) and the International Yury Bashmet viola competition (1997 and 2006).  


The two soloists, joined by conductor Mikhail Kirchhoff and the Eurasian Symphony Orchestra, delighted audiences with a performance of contemporary composer Alexey Shor's new Concerto for Violin and Viola with Orchestra, which marked the world premiere of this exciting new piece. 


“It's a contemporary piece by Alexey Shor, a new concerto for violin and viola with orchestra,” said Boriso-Glebsky, “and as I know it's the first time he writes for this combination – violin and viola and orchestra – so I think for him it's a fresh experience.I will say that it's a typical music of Shor – very melodic, and simple in a good way; simple, melodic and touching. I especially love the second movement. I've also played a couple of violin pieces by Alexey Shor and I specifically like the slow movements, the second movements, because I think his natural talent is to write melodies, which are like I said, simple and touching, so it's fresh and I think it's very nice, I hope he enjoyed it as well and that he's happy with the piece.


“It's contemporary of course but it's not contemporary music as we used to think about,” he continued, “because most of the contemporary music which is written nowadays is complex, it's very complex, very difficult; some people used to say that this is music written by composers for composers, because you really have to listen to it several times to get the idea. I wouldn't say that there's one which is better or worse, but it's just completely different, so it's not typical contemporary music which is performed now but I would say it's a nice exclusion from the norm. You always need this kind of natural melodic sweet music and harmonies, melodies, it has a kind of healing effect!”


The Academy students in attendance responded well to the piece and the soloists' performances, breaking out into raucous applause at the conclusion of the work. Tomorrow, the students will be returning to their courses, with two masterclasses set to take place, led by Ashley Wass and Hae-Young Kim, respectively.


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