Yesterday at the MECMA: Violin Concerto with Graf Mourja

In the latest of the MECMA's exciting daytime concerts, distinguished violinist Graf Mourja performs with the Kaliningrad Symphony Orchestra, while the Academy's prestigious series of masterclasses and lessons with world-class soloists. 

As part of the EUFSC and SAMIT’s efforts to promote high quality musical education, this year’s edition of InClassica is also incorporating the inaugural edition of the Middle East Classical Music Academy (MECMA), taking place from the 4th to the 23rd of September. This educational initiative features three weeks of lectures, discussions and masterclasses in the schools of piano, wind, and strings, led by a roster of international professors and music pedagogues consisting of some of the most illustrious names active today. In addition, the MECMA is also presenting a series of daytime concerts featuring soloists, orchestras, and prodigies from all around the world, with select Academy students being offered the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of joining these artists in live performance on stage.

Yesterday at MECMA


Oboe masterclass • Pavel Orlov
Piano masterclass • Giuliano Mazzoccante
Trombone masterclass • Vasily Kozlov

Daytime concert: Violin Concerto

Graf Mourja (violin)
- How was your experience of this concert? How did you find it playing alongside Aleksei Niaga and the Kaliningrad Symphony Orchestra?

“The experience with Aleksei was wonderful. I felt a deep musical connection with him so it was very simple for us. We had just one rehearsal but it was totally enough to have a great connection with him. The Kaliningrad Symphony Orchestra is a beautiful orchestra; it’s very quick to find solutions, very creative. I liked the connection I had with the orchestra very much, they’re a good orchestra with very good musicians.”

- You performed Alexey Shor's "Four Seasons of Manhattan" at this event. What are your thoughts about the piece, and the importance of giving exposure and performance time to contemporary music, especially in the context of a music academy?

“Alexey Shor’s music is absolutely wonderful, it’s phenomenal music which goes directly to my heart and in this music you can find happiness, that most important human trait. Every time I play this music I have a huge smile, my heart is happy, and I always remember his themes. Where you play his music isn’t really that important, it is not what matters; what is much more important is the heart. It is a modern contemporary music that goes straight to the heart, and not a lot of modern contemporary music can do this. I like it very much and I will play it as often as I can because it makes me happy, it’s that simple.”

Aleksei Niaga
- “Concert practice like this is not only useful, but also necessary. In addition to the enormous experience of playing with the orchestra, there is the experience of being on stage, in front of the audience and in front of the audience, and I can say that I would have liked to be on stage at the age of many of them in the status of a soloist. Not just a member of the collective, but a soloist. To feel really the master of the situation. It is very important. They will appreciate this experience. ”

Kaliningrad Symphony Orchestra

Academy students selected to participate in the concert:

Nikolai Managadze (violin)
Alexandra Derkaloustian (violin)

Students' Program:

P. Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto in D Major, 1st movement
M. Bruch - Violin Concerto No. 1


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