The violin ensemble ‘Agolek’ was established in 1998. The ensemble consists of students from the junior classes of the Kazakh National University of Arts. The group is a laureate of international competitions and has performed multiple times in prestigious venues across Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East. It is an active participant of the events organized by the government. 

Asel Mekebayeva’s Violin Ensemble

Asel Mekebayeva’s Violin Ensemble. This ensemble is remarkable for featuring both children and adults of different ages, who learned to play the violin from scratch in just a couple of months. The group includes laureates and winners of international competitions.


Cello Ensemble "BOLASHAK" of the school and college at the Kazakh National University of Arts

Artistic Director - Kuldzhanova Ayzhan Erkenovna

Eurasian Violin Ensemble

The ensemble is a creative unit that unites violinists not only from different cities, but also countries, which allows us to strengthen interethnic ties and enrich the creative process!

Jazz Trio

The jazz trio of Kazakh National University of Arts, under the direction of O.I. Djuldiev, has been in existence for 21 years. The ensemble includes Artur Povalyashko (lecturer at the University Department of Popular Arts), Arman Alpysbaev (student at the University Department of Popular Arts), and Dastan Duisembaev (student at the College of Popular Arts). All members are laureates of Republican and International competitions and festivals. The ensemble performs not only at the university but also outside the city, including Karaganda and Kostanay. The trio is a laureate of the international jazz festival “Jazz Bomon 2021.” Their repertoire encompasses traditional jazz, contemporary compositions in this genre, as well as original compositions and authorial arrangements.

Republican Music School named after K. Baisetova

Republican Secondary Specialized Music Boarding School named after K. Baisetova, under the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a renowned educational institution widely recognized both within and beyond Kazakhstan. Established in 1948, following the model of the Central Music School (opened at the Moscow Conservatory in 1935 based on the Children’s Department of the conservatory), it was organized according to the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR dated September 22, 1948, No. 2708, and the Kazakh SSR dated September 22, 1948, No. 857. The primary objective of opening the school was to identify, select, and further educate musically gifted children in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Creative assignments were undertaken by educators, who embarked on extended trips to remote regions of the republic in search of musically talented children. In 1957, in accordance with the Decree of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan and the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR “On perpetuating the memory of the People’s Artist of the USSR, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, soloist of the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abay – Kulash Baisetova” dated August 14, 1957, the school was named after the outstanding Kazakh singer with a unique talent and an unforgettable ‘nightingale’ voice. According to Presidential Decree No. 3002 dated May 24, 1996, “On state support for schools for gifted children,” a network of schools for gifted children was established. Following this, by Government Resolution No. 604 dated April 19, 2000, the school was one of the first in the country to receive a new status – the Republican State Institution (RSI) “Republican Secondary Specialized Music Boarding School for Gifted Children named after K. Baisetova” with a twelve-year term of study. On September 15, 2011, on the territory of the school, a bronze bust of the renowned singer Kulash Baisetova was installed to commemorate her 100th anniversary. This event holds significant cultural importance in the country as it marks the first monument to K. Baisetova in Kazakhstan. The monument’s author is the Honored Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, State Prize laureate T. Binashov.


The “Serpin” ensemble of dombra players is one of the leading ensembles in Astana. Established in 2018 as the dombra ensemble of the Kazakh National Conservatory College, the ensemble has become a laureate of international and republican competitions. With a repertoire of high quality and unique selections, the ensemble showcases its artistic versatility. Not only does it feature skilled musicians, but it also attracts avid listeners with its expressive performances. The ensemble includes compositions from various renowned composers, such as Kurmangazy (Adai, Balbyrauyn, Saryarqa, Serper), Dina (Naui), Dauletkeray (Kerogly), N. Tilendiev (Aqqu, Temirbek’s Anthem), Turqesh (Konilashar), Esbai (Bogelek), Q. Akhmediyarov (Quanys), Zhantore (Shalkyma), and others. Preserving the traditional characteristics of dombra schools and implementing a modern approach to the execution of works, the ensemble not only upholds the cultural heritage but also contributes to the technical excellence of contemporary performances. Beyond earning recognition locally in Astana, the ensemble has undertaken concert tours to various cities in Kazakhstan. Currently, the ensemble actively participates in educational programs, sharing the Kazakh musical tradition and culture with students at the Kazakh National Conservatory.


The dombra studio “Әлқисса,” operating at Almaty Arena, is unquestionably the best dombra school in the southern capital. Additionally, it is the only music institution based on a modern, digital teaching model. Specifically, alongside musical literacy, children here are taught history, literature, applied art, traditional crafts, storytelling, poetry, and the rich traditions and customs of our people. The multisensory approach employed by the instructors engages not only hearing but also vision, touch, and even imagination in the learning process.
The founders of the dombra studio “Әлқисса” are Saden Kanatbek and Galiyabanu Erbolgan. This talented musical family, brought together by fate 35 years ago through music, not only graduated from the Kurmangazy Conservatory together but also worked in the legendary “Otrar Sazy” orchestra under the direction of Nurgisa Tilendiev. They don’t select children based on talent but strive to develop each child’s abilities, as each of them is inherently talented. The result is over 1300 graduates, recognition at international competitions and festivals, and a love for their native land. People say that the soul of a Kazakh lives in the sounds of the dombra. Through its two strings, one can convey a whole life, a people, a country, feelings, and experiences in just a few minutes. And anyone can learn this with the desire to do so.

Seoul Metropolitan Female Concert Choir

The Seoul Metropolitan Female Concert Choir’s predecessor is the Seoul Women’s Choir Association (a nonprofit organization whose members were the leaders of twenty-five different municipal choirs in Seoul, 1996-2012).

The SMWUC was founded in February 2013 and its primary concern has been to sing the beauty of life and pursuit communication and harmony with neighbors. In July, the Choir participated in “The 13th Korea Choir Festival,” which was sponsored by the Korea General Choir Association and held at the KBS Hall. In September, the Choir performed at the Seoul Choral Festival led by conductor Hakwon Yun at the Grand Theatre of Sejong Center. In October, the Women’s Choir as the Korean Choirs’ representative participated in the “Korean-Canada 50th Anniversary Concert” at Massey Theatre in Vancouver, Canada and shared a heartfelt brotherly/sisterly love with Koreans in that country. In May 2014, the Choir had its debut concert, “Seoul’s Sweethearts,” at Hoam Art Hall. Through this concert, the Women’s Choir hoped to promote Seoul as the center of Korea’s performing arts and be one of its most beloved choirs. In May 2015, the Choir had its invitation concert, “The 2nd Shanghai International Choral Arts Week”.


Ensemble "Capriccio" multiple winners of Republican and International competitions

The repertoire performed is constantly expanding.

The ensemble takes part in urban and regional concerts! Particular attention is paid to the performance of works by composers of Kazakhstan.

The director of the ensemble is honorary education worker Yana Kasyan


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