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Әлқисса — Middle East Classical Music Academy

The dombra studio “Әлқисса,” operating at Almaty Arena, is unquestionably the best dombra school in the southern capital. Additionally, it is the only music institution based on a modern, digital teaching model. Specifically, alongside musical literacy, children here are taught history, literature, applied art, traditional crafts, storytelling, poetry, and the rich traditions and customs of our people. The multisensory approach employed by the instructors engages not only hearing but also vision, touch, and even imagination in the learning process.
The founders of the dombra studio “Әлқисса” are Saden Kanatbek and Galiyabanu Erbolgan. This talented musical family, brought together by fate 35 years ago through music, not only graduated from the Kurmangazy Conservatory together but also worked in the legendary “Otrar Sazy” orchestra under the direction of Nurgisa Tilendiev. They don’t select children based on talent but strive to develop each child’s abilities, as each of them is inherently talented. The result is over 1300 graduates, recognition at international competitions and festivals, and a love for their native land. People say that the soul of a Kazakh lives in the sounds of the dombra. Through its two strings, one can convey a whole life, a people, a country, feelings, and experiences in just a few minutes. And anyone can learn this with the desire to do so.

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