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Serpin — Middle East Classical Music Academy

The “Serpin” ensemble of dombra players is one of the leading ensembles in Astana. Established in 2018 as the dombra ensemble of the Kazakh National Conservatory College, the ensemble has become a laureate of international and republican competitions. With a repertoire of high quality and unique selections, the ensemble showcases its artistic versatility. Not only does it feature skilled musicians, but it also attracts avid listeners with its expressive performances. The ensemble includes compositions from various renowned composers, such as Kurmangazy (Adai, Balbyrauyn, Saryarqa, Serper), Dina (Naui), Dauletkeray (Kerogly), N. Tilendiev (Aqqu, Temirbek’s Anthem), Turqesh (Konilashar), Esbai (Bogelek), Q. Akhmediyarov (Quanys), Zhantore (Shalkyma), and others. Preserving the traditional characteristics of dombra schools and implementing a modern approach to the execution of works, the ensemble not only upholds the cultural heritage but also contributes to the technical excellence of contemporary performances. Beyond earning recognition locally in Astana, the ensemble has undertaken concert tours to various cities in Kazakhstan. Currently, the ensemble actively participates in educational programs, sharing the Kazakh musical tradition and culture with students at the Kazakh National Conservatory.

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